medias® professional
Series selection 

Selection using pictograms

The pictograms (1) above the product tree can be used to select the characteristics that you require. You can find out the meaning of a pictogram if you hold the mouse cursor over the pictogram.

On the right next to the pictograms, medias® professional shows how many series match your selection (2).

You can cancel the entire selection at the same time by clicking on "Cancel selection" (3).

Representation of pictograms

Active pictogram, not selected.

Active pictogram, selected.


Inactive pictogram: There is no series among those already selected that matches this characteristic.

Selection boxes


The selection boxes are used to determine which bearings you want to see: all brands, only INA or only FAG.

Product tree


In the product tree, you will see a hierarchical arrangement of the products.

The further to the right the term that you click on, the narrower the selection.

In order to widen the selection again, click on a term further to the left.


 Here you will find a table containing all the associated series.


Cross-reference: Window structure, Function bar and Explanation of pictograms

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