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The search function in medias® professional is a pure text search. It is not case-sensitive. Placeholders and logic links are not supported.

Searching is carried out in product and series designations, short descriptions and the designations for accessories.
Searching in the main area or by means of the search field below the language setting option will give the same results.


On the right of the main window in medias® professional, you will see a balance sheet of your search (1). If more than 51 hits are present, the hits are not displayed automatically (2). Clicking on "Show all hits!" (2) will call up the list. Please note that this may take some time.

If the search was successful, click on the designation of the product or the series (3) to change to the product selection function or the product data.
Please note that your browser will open a new window that is not necessarily active.

Results list - Products and accessories

If your search for products or accessories was successful, you can now directly:

  • start calculation of the product (1)
  • load the 2D CAD drawing or the 3D CAD model onto your computer (2)
  • add the product to the shopping basket (3).

Results list - Products and accessories

The character string in the search is marked yellow in the short descriptions.

Cross-reference: Window structure, Function bar and Explanation of pictograms

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