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Shaft and support rail units

Shaft and support rail units TS..W are composite units comprising a raceway shaft screw mounted to an aluminium support rail. The shaft protrudes approx. 2 mm to 3 mm beyond the end of the support rail at both ends.


The raceway shaft is made from quenched and tempered steel or corrosion-resistant steel (X46), surface hardened and ground. The surface hardness
Resistance of a body to indentation by another body; hardness is either intrinsic or is achieved by heat treatment processes (steel) and/or thermochemical diffusion; for rolling bearings, hardness is measured in Rockwell (HRC) or Vickers (HV)
is 670 HV to 840 HV.


Shaft and support rail units are composed of several individual sections depending on their length.


Shafts made from special materials such as those with coatings are available by agreement.


Multi-piece shafts and
shaft and support rail units


If the guidance systems are of such a length that shaft and support rail units TS..W cannot be achieved using single-piece shafts, shafts and support rails are supplied as multi-piece units, Figure 1. The joint locations on the shaft sections have mortice and tenon joints and are polished.


The joint locations on the shafts and support rails are offset from each other.


The maximum length of single-piece shaft and support rail units is 6 000 mm.


Figure 1
Shaft and support rail unit
with multiple support rail sections

Medias/00016410_mei_in_0k_0k.gif Shaft
Medias/00016411_mei_in_0k_0k.gif Support rail 1
Medias/00016412_mei_in_0k_0k.gif Support rail 2



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