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Linear bearings and linear bearing and housing units

Linear bearings and linear bearing and housing units are available in the compact, light, heavy duty, machined and plain bearing range. The bearings can support high loads while having a relatively low mass and allow the construction of linear guidance systems with unlimited travel.


Each series has quite specific characteristics that makes it particularly suitable for certain applications. These may include, for example, requirements for compensation of misalignments, low‑friction running, high accelerations and travel speeds or long operating life.


The range, which has been constructed and expanded in accordance with a modular concept, provides the best technical and economic solution, in relation to each application, for bearing arrangements with shaft guidance systems.


Linear bearings


Linear ball bearings and linear plain bearings are available in open or closed designs. The open design has a segment cut out and is intended for supported shafts. Several series allow, in conjunction with the corresponding housings, adjustment of the radial clearance in order to achieve clearance-free or preloaded guidance systems.


Compensation of misalignment


Misalignment can be caused by tolerance defects, mounting errors or inaccuracies in the adjacent construction. Linear ball bearings of series KN..-B and KNO..-B can compensate static misalignment of up to ±30′, linear ball bearings of series KS and KSO up to ±40′, Figure 1.


Due to the self-alignment function, the balls run without difficulty into the load zone. At the same time, the load distribution over the whole ball row is more uniform. This leads to smoother running, allows higher accelerations and prevents overloading of the individual balls.


Overall, this means that the bearings can achieve higher loads and a longer operating life; if necessary, the adjacent construction can be designed to be smaller and more economical.


In order to fully utilise the basic load ratings given in the dimension table, the shaft raceway must be hardened (670 HV + 170 HV) and ground. Please observe the information in the section Design of bearing arrangements,   link.


Figure 1
Compensation of misalignment KN..-B and KS

Medias/00016410_mei_in_0k_0k.gif KN..-B
Medias/00016411_mei_in_0k_0k.gif KS




Linear bearing
and housing units


Linear ball bearings and plain bearings are also available in conjunction with INA housings as complete bearing units. The linear bearing is located in the housing by means of a radial fixing screw to prevent axial displacement.


The housings are made from a high rigidity, high strength aluminium alloy that allows the full load carrying capacity of the bearings fitted to be utilised. In the machined series, pressure diecast housings are also available.


Due to the comparatively low total mass, the units are particularly suitable for reduced mass designs with high loads and where higher accelerations and travel speeds are required.


Simple location


Threaded or counterbored holes in the housing allow straight­forward screw mounting on the adjacent construction, if necessary from below.


For rapid alignment, the housings have a locating edge. This also prevents distortion of the linear bearings when the housings are being mounted.


Centring holes allow rapid additional location by dowels on the adjacent construction.


Housing designs


The housings are available in closed design, with a segment cutout and in open, slotted and tandem versions (with and without a centring collar).


Closed design


In this variant, the bearing and housing are closed. High precision standard guidance systems with a fixed enveloping circle can thus be easily achieved.


With segment cutout


Open designs with a segment cutout are used where, in the case of long guidance systems, the shaft must be supported and the bearing arrangement must be highly rigid.


Slotted design


Closed designs and designs with a segment cutout are also available in several series with a slot. Slotted variants are suitable for clearance-free or preloaded guidance systems. The operating clearance is set by means of an adjusting screw.


Tandem design


The tandem version contains two linear bearings. As a result, the units have particularly high load carrying capacity.


Tandem ball bearing and housing units are available in open and closed designs. Both variants are also available in the named design with a slot.


With centring collar


For special applications, there is also a tandem version with a centring collar for locating bores to H7.


Highly cost-effective


As a result of volume production in large quantities, the complete units are normally considerably more economical than customers’ own designs.




The bearings are available in an open version and with contact seals on both sides (suffix PP). The end face seals have two seal lips; the outer lip prevents the ingress of contamination, the inner lip retains the lubricant in the bearing.




Due to the initial greasing with a high quality grease and the integral lubricant reservoir, the linear bearings are maintenance-free for many applications; if necessary, however, they can be relubricated.


Linear ball bearings can be lubricated, depending on the design, via the openings in the outer ring or radial holes arranged in the centre of the bearing.


In the units, lubrication is carried out via a separate lubrication nipple in the housing; location of the bearing in the housing and the relubrication devices are thus separate from each other.


Operating temperature


Bearings and housings can be used at operating temperatures from –30 °C to +80 °C.


Operating limits


The table shows the operating limits for linear bearings.


Once the interrelationships of bearing size and design, load, operating clearance, location of bearings and lubrication have been checked, it may be possible in individual cases to use higher values. Please contact us in this case.


Linear bearing and housing units should be allocated in accordance with the linear bearing fitted.

Table 1
Dynamic values
for linear bearings

Linear bearing series
in m/s2
in m/s
up to 5
up to 5
up to 5
up to 3




Suffixes for available designs: see table.

Table 2
Available designs

Lip seals on both sides
Sealing strips on bearings with segment cutout
Available by agreement
Bearing and unit with relubrication facility


Light range


The light range is available as linear ball bearings KN..-B and KNO..‑B and as completely ready-to-fit linear ball bearing and housing units.


In the appropriate housing, the bearings have adjustable clearance. In order to compensate misalignments arising from manufacturing tolerances, mounting errors and shaft deflection, the linear bearings of series KN..-B are self-aligning up to ±30′.


Their robust construction allows operation even under aggressive operating conditions.


The series KN..-B is of a closed construction and is designed for use on shafts. KNO..-B has a segment cutout and is used with shaft and support rail units.


Linear ball bearings


Linear ball bearings KN..-B and KNO..-B comprise a plastic cage with inserted raceway plates. The plates are supported in the housing bore by means of a retaining ring. Due to the retaining ring, the plates can “rock” and thus compensate for static misalignments.




The bearings are available in an open version and with contact seals on both sides (suffix PP). The end face seals have two seal lips; the outer lip prevents the ingress of contamination, the inner lip retains the lubricant in the bearing.


Linear ball bearing and housing units


Linear ball bearing and housing units of the compact range are available with an integral bearing and, in the tandem version with particularly high load carrying capacity, with two bearings. The housings are made from high strength aluminium.


The housings are available in a closed design, with a segment cutout for supported shafts and with or without a slot.


In units with a slot, the radial clearance can be adjusted.


All series have a locating edge and centring holes for dowel holes.


The bearings are sealed on both sides, they have an initial greasing and can be relubricated via a lubrication nipple in the housing.

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