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System KIT

for very slight contamination (1x end wiper, single lip)

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    Included in KIT:
3.) 1x gap seal, single lip, grey

Shown in figure, but not included in KIT:
4.) End wiper, contact type, single lip, black
    KIT can be retrofitted

Ordering example for KIT100 for KUVE-35-B:
    KIT is supplied already fitted
    KIT suitable for very slight contamination

Definition of the degree of contamination:

Degree of contamination "very slight":
- clean environment

Degree of contamination "slight":
- coarse (large) metal swarf
- clean environment
- no cooling lubricants

Degree of contamination "moderate":
- coarse (large) metal swarf
- slight exposure to, for example, cooling lubricants

Degree of contamination "heavy":
- hot swarf (metal, aluminium) of widely varying size and shape, including very small swarf from HSC machining
- aggressive media and dust as well as cooling lubricants
    This information is intended only as a guide.
Specific application conditions must be taken into consideration when selecting the elements.

The sealing elements can be used in various combinations.
However, not every combination is possible or advisable.
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