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with 1 raceway, for screw mounting or clamping

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for clamping
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H 15  mm  Tolerance: 0/-0,1
B 88  mm  Tolerance: 0/-0,1
K1   for screws to DIN ISO 4762-8.8

The stated torques represent maximum values for the reliable transmission of forces in vibration-free, quasistatic applications (S0=1). We recommend that the tightening torques of the screw connection to the adjacent construction should be determined at the customer under the specific application conditions and operating conditions, observing the data in VDI Guideline 2230 Part 1 (2015) and the data in the description.
lmax 3000  mm  Maximum length of single-piece guideways. Longer guideways are supplied as several segments and are marked accordingly.
m 10,3  kg/m  ≈ Mass
    A conventional high precision steel strip for location of guideways UFK must be provided by the customer.
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