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for two-row miniature linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly, corrosion-resistant

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h 10  mm   
b 15  mm   
lmax 1000  mm  Maximum length I max of guideways; longer guideways by agreement

Available standard lengths:
160 mm: 0,171 kg
240 mm: 0,257 kg
320 mm: 0,342 kg
440 mm: 0,471 kg
560 mm: 0,599 kg
680 mm: 0,728 kg
1,000 mm: 1,07 kg
aL max 25,5  mm   
aL min 5,5  mm   
aR max 25,5  mm   
aR min 5,5  mm   
h1 5,5  mm   
jL 40  mm   
K1 M3  for screws to DIN ISO 4 762-12.9
If there is a possibility of settling, the fixing screws should be secured against rotation.
Max. tightening torque:
M2 = 0,6 Nm
M3 = 2,2 Nm
M4 = 5 Nm
mS 1,07  kg/m  Mass of guideway
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