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solid profile, curved guideway; corrosion-resistant design possible

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LFS (section A-A)
LFSR (section B-B)
h 20  mm   
b 32  mm   
r 150  mm   
β 180  °   
a2 26  mm   
aL max 116  mm   
aL min 30  mm   
aR max 116  mm   
aR min 30  mm   
b1 24  mm   
dLW 6  mm   
h1 12  mm   
h4 15  mm   
jL 125  mm   
lmax 6000  mm  Maximum length of single-piece guideways
N1 6,5  mm  for fixing screw to DIN ISO 4762-8.8
N3 12  mm   
r1 134  mm   
x 6  Number of holes on pitch circle r1
α 30  °   
If curved guideway elements are required in combination with straight guideway sections, these must always be ordered together as a unit.
    Closed oval tracks can only be ordered as a single unit.

One unit comprises two curved guideway elements LFSR with an arc of 180° and two straight guideway sections LFS or a unit comprises four curved guideway elements LFSR with an arc of 90° and four straight guideway sections LFS.
    Example of ordering designation:

Length of straight guideway: 2000 mm

- Without guideway connectors VBS:

1 x LFS52x2000-OV-300

- With guideway connectors VBS:

1 x LFS52x2000-OV-300-VBS
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