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hollow section profile, with fixing slots, with two raceway shafts; corrosion-resistant design possible

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Bending axes
h 98,6  mm   
b 52  mm   
lmax 8000  mm  Maximum length L of guideway; longer guideways are supplied in several sections and are marked accordingly.
a10 7,5  mm   
a2 42  mm   
a7 52  mm   
a8 89,7  mm   
a9 33  mm   
b1 112  mm   
b3 18  mm  For screws to DIN 931 (DIN EN ISO 4014), DIN 933-8.8 (DIN EN ISO 4017), special support washers for guideways
LFS..-N and LFS52-NZZ
are included in the delivery.
b4 44  mm   
b5 10,2  mm   
dLW 10  mm   
ez 42,6  mm   
h2 25  mm   
h4 89,7  mm   
h5 50  mm   
h7 65,4  mm   
K2 7,45  mm  Diameter

Core hole for non-cutting thread drill or thread cutting screws to DIN 7513.
ly 3717250  mm^4   
lz 3014470  mm^4   
LFQ 3691  mm^2  Value for cross-sectional area
t6 80  mm   
t7 1,8  mm   
Wy 66380  mm^3   
Wz 55462  mm^3   
mS 11200  g/m  Mass of guideway
    Ordering designation:
- Guideways in design with corrosion protection: LFS..-RB
    Modulus of elasticity for LFS..-M, -N, -NZZ: 72 000 N/mm2
    This guideway can only be combined with carriages with adjustable clearance. If SF and LFCL carriages are to be used, please contact us first
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